A Little Bit About Penny


What could be more fun than blending my experience as a teacher of Early Childhood Education with my enthusiasm for the practice of yoga? After a career that has included teaching early childhood education at the college level  and maintaining a part-time social work practice, I am combining my skill set and interests to animate children’s yoga classes.



Yoga Training/Certification

Yoga Courses/Training

250 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training


Completed Level I, II and III Radiant Child Yoga


Completed Mini Yogis 10 hour foundation certification Program




Yoga for the Special Child

Sonia Sumar
Basic Program
48 hours




Experience with Children

Professor Early Childhood Care and Education

www.cegep-heritage.qc.ca  (20 + years)

Social Worker





M.S.W. University of Michigan

B.A. Carleton University

C.Y.C. Algonquin College



Memberships/Professional Associations




Professional Liability Insured



First aid CPR certificate



Class Descriptions

Magic Mats combines the practice of ASANAS or yoga postures and breathing exercises with music, games and storytelling that focus on whole child development. The class size and time frame are determined by the age of the children participating.

Classes are available for groups of children as well as for parents and children/families.



Yoga Supports Healthy Child Development


  • stretching, balancing and strengthening their bodies and building physical health


  • Breathing exercises help children to focus and relax their bodies and their minds.  The practice builds self-esteem and sense of control. Children who practice yoga develop their ability to self regulate.


  • Sharing in partners and group yoga poses. Yoga is non competitive and allows children to withhold judgment of themselves and others


  • using their imaginations creating poses


  • developing focus, repeating patterns, remembering songs



Age Groups and Group Size

Ideal group sizes allow for more personal observation and adjustment of postures. They also help to ensure a quiet steadiness and focus on the practice.

3 year olds

Group Size: (ideally 8 to 10)

Duration: 20 minutes

Three year olds continue to explore their world through their senses.

Music and movement is a large component of the yoga class. Singing and games are combined with beginning yoga postures. Children rejoice in their flexibility, move to the music and begin to develop their ability to balance and self-regulate.

4-5 year olds:

Group Size (ideally 8 to 10)

Duration:  30 minutes

Four and five year olds are interested in challenging their bodies but still enjoy the music, games and storytelling that are intertwined with the practice of yoga postures. They are developing their ability to balance and to focus and hold postures for longer periods of time. They are excited from week to week to show how they are progressing with their yoga practice. They are able to participate in longer periods of relaxation.

6-8 year olds

Group Size (ideally 10 to 14)

Duration: 30 to 40 minutes

Children at this age have great imaginations and are interested in making up poses or leading parts of the class. They can sit quietly and focus inwards for a few minutes at a time. Their bilateral coordination allows them to perform opposite leg and arm movements. They are able to remember poses from week to week and work on techniques involved in the postures. They want to be challenged!


Private Classes

Private classes offered for your special child or children (in your home) to work on strength, balance, flexibility, focus and mindfulness.


Cost/price (includes provision of yoga mats)

Individual Classes

  • if providing yoga for daycare centres or schools on the same day

1 group: $55.00

2 groups $80.00

3 groups $110.00